Ambrosys GmbH Potsdam

Associate & CTO :range: 2020-08

Mantik UG Potsdam

Co-Founder :range: 2020-06

Ambrosys GmbH Potsdam

Technical Lead :range: 2019-05 2020-07

Ambrosys GmbH Potsdam

Research & Development :range: 2014-04 2019-04

4cast GmbH & Co. KG Potsdam

Chief Software Developer :range: 2016-01 2019-04


Potsdam University Potsdam

Theoretical Physics, Doctorate :range: 2014-09 2018-11

  • Thesis: Symbolic Regression for Identification, Prediction, and Control of Dynamical Systems
  • Supervisor: PD. Dr. Markus Abel
  • Research Visits:
    • Research student of Steven L. Brunton, University of Washington, Seattle, :range: 2017-01 2017-07
    • Research student of Kamran Shafi, University of New South Wales, Canberra :date: 2014-11

Physics, Master of Science :range: 2011-10 2014-08

  • Thesis: Numerical Studies on Mean Time to Extinction (MTE) in Coupled Birth and Death Process Systems
  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Arkady Pikosvky

Physics, Bachelor of Science :range: 2008-10 2011-09

A detailed CV is available upon request.

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